Free Trade Petition

At a time where the specter of  economic protectionism is once again rearing its ugly head, the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, in partnership with the International Policy Network, is launching a major international campaign in support of free trade. This is to be unveiled on April 1 before the G20 summit.

As part of it, a petition has been launched to extol the virtues of free trade in ensuring prosperity and peace. I strongly urge everyone to follow the link to read more about the program, and to sign the petition.

When will my baby die?

My brother in-law once commented that on becoming a father he was surprised by the realisation that he would die for his children. I replied that I was surprised by the realisation that I would kill for mine. The paternalistic instinct of a father can be intense. However it is nothing compared to the maternalistic instinct of a mother. Mothers worry and suffer on a whole other plane when it comes to the well being of their little ones. So imagine the anquish of a mother that must watch her baby slowly die. I encountered such a mother via facebook. Kerry shared her personal story with me via an online discussion and has given permission for me to share some of it here.

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